In creative nature, spines are often used as defense mechanism. One good example are sea urchins which stay free from on-growth of organisms and don’t get eaten by other animals. Finsulate® is a very special film, developed to protect the hull of a ship. And it was developed by that very same sea urchin principle: Tiny spines on its surface prevent the attachment of algae, mussels or other organisms. The hull therewith becomes “insulated”. The only chance for organisms to attach is on the outer end of those tiny spines. But from there they can easily be brushed off. And the ship can stay in the water while the removal happens.


Thanks to its physical properties, Finsulate® provides efficient antifouling for a long time. This protection also works no matter if the ship is moving or lying still. And its durability of at least 5 years means that you’ll definitely save on the yearly maintenance costs. All that while actively protecting the environment!


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Founded 10 years ago, West Marine maintains its highly positive reputation in the sector thanks to its high service quality, customer-focused work, guaranteed services, continuous self-renewal, and gentle staff, work discipline and teamwork.

Technical Services

All Motor and Mechanical Services; General Maintenance and Repair, Electrical and Electronics, Stainless Chrome Work, Water Maker Service are among our services.

Boat Maintenance Service

With 1 store, 3 technical service workshops and fully equipped mobile technical service vehicles, it is served in all regions of Turkey, especially in Aegean and Mediterranean regions and abroad.

Marine Materials

West Marine; Yanmar, Kohler, Fischer Panda, Volvo Penta, Williams, MTU, Harken, Side Power, ABT Trac, Sea Recovery, Opacmare, Besenzoni and Idromar.

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